Peak 1 Express Staffs Favorite Part of December Holidays

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December is truly the start for not only winter, but the holiday season as well. With so many activities and events in Breckenridge during this time, it is no wonder why it is one of our favorite months. Between the extensive snowfall and the holidays this is the time we love the most. Below you will find some of the Peak1 Express Staffs’ favorite part of the December Holidays. 

 DSC_1042Alison says her favorite part of the December Holidays is the Santa Race, where hundreds of Santas race down Main St to support Adopt an Angel. It is truly a sight to see Santas of all shapes and sizes run, walk, and even skip to the finish line.

Brandon loves how he lives in a town where so many people flock to for the holidays. With so many tourists coming to charming Breckenridge you are sure to meet interesting people from all over. Meeting new people every season is just part of the adventure of living here. 

Liz, our newest sales agent loves the various food that come with the holidays. Her favorite part is the feast on the sixth day of Kwanzaa! Additionally, she enjoys seeing all the charitable organizations host free dinners for the community! 

The Hearthstone Restaurant lights up Breckenridge at 130 Ridge Street.Megan’s favorite part of the holidays is watching the streets come alive with all the festive lights! 

Ryan enjoys walking into town and shopping around for gifts for all! With so many shops and boutiques, you are sure to find the perfect gift for whoever you are shopping for!

No matter what holiday all of us here are celebrating we all have a blast. The awesome Peak 1 Express staff loves to come together and celebrate, after all the best part of the holidays is spending them together. Whatever you are for these December holidays remember that is only comes once a year, so enjoy it to the fullest.