3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Traffic in Colorado This Ski Season

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85b86f4e7aSpending the holidays together with family and friends in Colorado is unlike spending it anywhere else in the world! World class vacation destinations, resorts and adventures are three fantastic offerings that this great state has for you to build your family time upon. A few other not so great offerings are the volatile weather patterns, gnarly mountain roads and a vast number of other travelers trying to get to the same places that you are. These three factors work to create a unique Colorado driving experience, so if we may, let us offer these 3 ways to avoid holiday traffic in Colorado this ski season.




Shared TransportationDriver and passenger

Perhaps, one of the easiest methods to avoiding Colorado’s crazy holiday traffic and not have to worry about it at all, is by taking a shared transportation service. There are several airport transportation companies that service the mountain communities of Colorado. By choosing one of these services to transport you, your family or group, is choosing to start your vacation off stress free! The airport shuttle drivers are very familiar with Colorado weather, roads and traffic, so let the experts do what they do best and get you to your vacation destination in style, so you may reach your peak! Check out our mountain shuttle for more information.

alternate routes

Alternate Routes

The mountain corridor of I-70 is well known for being very well kept when it comes to snow and ice. Colorado’s DOT works around the clock, during snow storms, to ensure a clean and safe driving surface. Even though this work is continually done, other drivers, unprepared vehicles and other unforeseen circumstances can cause lengthy delays. Knowing any alternative routes around I-70, beforehand, such as Highway 285, can alleviate the stress of being stuck in winter storm traffic. Research the area that you’re planning to visit, and if driving, familiarize yourself with any alternative routes. This way, your time will be spent with loved ones having fun, not being stuck in the car.

Mass Transitbreck free ride

There are bus services, such as Greyhound, that offer transportation to some mountain areas. These rides are usually very affordable and convenient, however, there may be only one trip offered per day. Do a search for bus services in the area you are planning to visit, and see if there are any services of this type there. In the mountain communities of Eagle and Summit Counties like Breckenridge or Vail, there are free in-town bus services, such as the BreckFreeRide, Summit Stage and Eco Transit. These free buses provide transportation all over these counties, linking you to resort after resort for unlimited play fun!