How to get to Vail without Renting a Car

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Getting to Vail from the Denver area can be hazardous and unsafe for inexperienced drivers in adverse conditions.  The drive from the Denver Airport is over two hours long and could easily take twice as long with dangerous road conditions and traffic. Interstate 70 is a mountain corridor that moves through the Rocky Mountains and can experience all different types of weather that can change very quickly.                                                                                                                      original

Renting a car generally isn’t the best idea. One being the price of the rental and gas. Car rental prices generally sky rocket in the winter months and often times, a small compact car is the cheapest option. A small compact car may not perform well in the snow and may not be able to accommodate your group if you have a lot of luggage. An SUV is often the ideal option but those are usually the hardest to reserve and offer even higher prices. The other problem is being able to find parking for a long term period or even overnight. You could end up spending a lot just to park a car you already spent a lot on to rent! Once you get to the Vail Valley there is exceptional public transportation around the county and into Lake County (Leadville and Minturn). If you are staying in the Vail village, you will not need a car to enjoy all the wonderful skiing, dining, and entertainment. Everything is generally in walking distance or a short free bus ride.


Reserve your private mountain shuttle from Denver International Airport to the Vail Valley with a well trained guest service driver. Our drivers are trained to handle all types of weather conditions out on the road and our vehicles are well equipped for anything the weather throws our way. Private transportation to and from Denver International Airport and Vail is the safest and most convenient option in order to really ensure the best Vail vacation possible!