5 Thoughtful Ways to Surprise Arriving Wedding Guests

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Very little can compare to a beautiful Summit County wedding. Whether the ceremony is taking place at Arapahoe Basin’s stunning Black Mountain Lodge, Keystone’s breathtaking Timber Ridge, or Breckenridge Ski Resort’s many options guests will most definitely not be disappointed. But, how can you surprise your arriving guests with something special that will set your wedding above the rest? We have a few ideas for thoughtful ways to surprise wedding guests who are traveling to your Colorado wedding.

  1. One way to really impress your guests is to have luxurious private transportation organized and available in advance. This way when your guests arrive they can put all their focus into having the best experience possible at your wedding. Peak 1 Express can provide a private 14 person Mercedes Sprinter to transport your guests between the airport and their lodging destination, and also to and from the wedding venue on the day of the ceremony. Have your guests riding in luxury as they arrive on your special day while also providing a safe way home after the festivities are through.
  2. Group Charter ServiceAnother way to surely impress guests is to provide them with a Summit County themed welcome basket. Not only is it a special personal touch, but it is also an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the area, and everything it has to offer. The more your guests enjoy their whole trip the more amazing the memories of your wedding will be!
  3. Surprise guests, and give yourself a great way to remember your special day by substituting a traditional guest book with something more unique. Have guests fill in the space of a book that relates to your Summit County Wedding. These types of coffee table books can be found in gift shops all through the county
  4. If you really want to step up your wedding reception and give it that special Summit County touch, consider using ski passes as place cards. This is a great way to add something unique to your day.
  5. One last way to surprise guests and make your day go as smooth as possible, is to be rid of any unwanted surprises! Choosing a wedding planner with experience in Summit County is a great way to make sure you have all your bases covered. In addition, it puts someone else in charge of last minute dilemmas for you and your guests. What could be better?