Planning Your Winter Wedding

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If there is a location for a wedding that can rival the mountains or beaches in the summer time, it’s the snow covered mountains in the winter time. Though less popular, there is no shortage of beauty to accompany a winter wedding. Colorado is a popular state for these destination weddings due to the amazing backdrops and outdoor activities that can assist with hosting an amazing party.EstesParkWinterWeddingPhoto1

Contrast to popular belief, a winter wedding can still pack the same amount of punch as a summer wedding. There are plenty of flowers that will be in season, and though the wedding will most likely be indoors, the sunlight and snow found in the high country can light up any room. There are also a number of added benefits when hosting a winter wedding. Because they are less popular, there will be more venues available at a discounted rate with caterers, vendors, and photographers readily available. Holidays are also more frequent in the winter allowing friends and family easy access to the wedding destination.

One important aspect of any wedding is transporting guests between the local airport, lodging, wedding venue, and the reception. This is usually a small concern for wedding hosts until the last minute but can make planning a lot easier if arranged ahead of time. Peak 1 Express can pick guests up at the airport and also transport them around Breckenridge or Summit County to accommodate all of your wedding needs. Our black Mercedes Sprinters will get you there in style and are equipped for all kinds of weather.