Packing Tips for Your Ski/Snowboard Vacation

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OK, so you have planned a ski/snowboard vacation to Breckenridge in  Colorful Colorado.  A world of endless excitement and wonder is in store for you this upcoming winter.  If you have been on a winter vacation before, you are most likely familiar with some of the complications that accompany a trip to the mountains. Even if you are a crafty ski veteran, there might be a couple tips you have not yet thought of.  First time winter vacationers this is a must read for all.

The most important thing about a vacation to the mountains is what to bring.  Rule number one: Try to bring only the essentials.  Plan events in advance (especially during the busy seasons) in order to avoid packing items you will not need. Ski/snowboard equipment is very bulky so unless you need that extra pair of high heels, try to leave them at home.  Also, make sure to avoid cotton blends.  The best way to keep warm in alpine environments is to layer up.  Layering up will eventually lead to sweating and cotton will leave you colder than before. 

Saving space is key to bringing everything you need for your ski/snowboard adventure.  A great way to save space is to pack socks and underwear into your boots.  Also try to fit skis/snowboard boots and any extra clothes that you can fit into a snowboard bag.  Snowboard bags work well for both skis and snowboards and allows maximum efficiency when packing.    If you are a group of snowboarders traveling together take your bindings of your boards and you can stack them all into one snowboard bag saving space and money.

Finally for you avid skiers and riders, you probably have several skis or boards for various conditions.  Bring one pair of skis or one board.  If you have one bring your all-Peak 1 Mountain Shuttlemountain set up.  It is hard to accurately predict the snow conditions and an all-mountain setup will give you the most flexibility for your vacation leading to the most fun.

In summary, packing fewer bags will make traveling through the airport and into a mountain shuttle to your destination ten times easier. Happy travels.